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The Believer's Blessing. Hebrews 4:14-16


"Payday Someday"

Pastor A. D. Gartley


Faith Community B. C.


8703 Cedar Street

Bellflower, Ca 90706


Sunday Worship

8:30 AM

Orientation Class

10:45 AM



A.D. Gartley Ministries

P.O. Box 4144

Downey, CA 90241



(562) 452-4512






This ministry exists to meet the needs of this present generation with the gospel.

It's All Good


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Pastor A.D. Gartley is a dynamic preacher - teacher and has been preaching for over 26 years now. He has a personal passion for preaching and teaching, as well as assisting others in growing to their full potential in their relationship with God.



Victory, Itís in the Faith

Praise God for His wonderful blessings and the experiences that he allow us to go through.

Sometimes we place our own limitations on the extent of our blessings. Someone once said, it is better to have high goals and achieve half of them than it is to have no goals and reach all of them. 





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